1.  Where can I buy H.K. Anderson pretzels?

Visit our store locator to find stores in your area that carry HK Anderson Pretzels. If your favorite store doesn't carry them, ask the store manager to carry HK Anderson Pretzels.

2.  How can I find out nutritional information on H.K. Anderson pretzels?

You can view nutritional information by visiting our product information pages.  Additionally, each unit of H.K. Anderson Pretzels we sell will contain nutritional information on the label.

3.  Do H.K. Anderson pretzels contain dairy?

H.K. Anderson Ranch Pretzel Pieces and Cheese Peanut Butter Pretzels contain dairy ingredients. Major allergens will be listed in the ingredients declaration and "contains" statement on the package.

4.  Are H.K. Anderson pretzels Kosher certified?

Yes, all HK Anderson products are kosher certified.

5.  Are H.K. Anderson pretzels safe for people with peanut allergies?

People with peanut allergies should not consume our peanut butter pretzels.  We do manufacture our peanut butter products on dedicated equipment and enforce a strict allergen control program in all of our bakeries to ensure that our regular pretzels do not contain peanut residues and that all of our other products are peanut-free.  For people with extreme sensitivity, we recommend checking with us first to determine which plant produced the product.

6.  What do we do to assure our food is safe to eat?

Here at H.K. Anderson we are at the forefront of food safety.  We strive to be a leader in food safety and are certified to SQF 2000 level 3 (the highest!) at all of our manufacturing facilities by independent, reputable auditing bodies.  SQF is a leading, food safety and quality program that ensures a supplier's food safety and quality management system complies with international and domestic food safety regulations also known as the Global Food Safety Initiative or GFSI. 

In addition, we are regularly audited by numerous outside government and regulatory agencies as well as by our customers, to insure the highest level of food safety.

7.  Are H.K. Anderson pretzels safe for people with soy allergies?

The soybean oil used in H.K Anderson pretzels is highly refined, bleached and deodorized and therefore does not contain allergenic soy protein.

8.  I can't find the answer to my question?

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